Recent Major Expenditure to your excellent LOCAL HEART UNIT includes:

£1 Million Cardiac MRI Appeal - improving and increasing MRI Scanning for Heart Patients

  • £110,000 - Nav- X ; for treatment of heart rhythm disorders in Cath Lab
  • £90,000 - Portable Echocardiograph Machine and Transoesophageal Probe
  • £35,000 - Purchase of the first Drug Eluting Stents for our unit
  • £25,000 - Treadmill for Exercise Testing in Coronary Care Unit (out of hours)
  • £30,000 - Exercise Equipment for heart failure and preoperative assessment
  • £150,000 - Bursaries for Registrars for research + training
  • £15,000 - Drain equipment for rapid healing of problem chest wounds at home.
  • £20,000 - Research on Coronary Risk factors , and Acute Heart Failure markers £7,500 :
  • Advanced Patient Monitor for Catheter Laboratory use during deep sedation procedures
  • £5,000 - Music systems for O/P Department and Catheterisation Laboratories
  • £60,000 - Enabling the percutaneous aortic valve replacement (TAVI) programme
  • £20,000 - 2 Echo machines for Central Vein Canulation - CCU + CITU.
  • £30,000 - Additional 24 Hour heart rate analyser and 2 recorders for CIU
  • £10,000 - 2 Hand held extremely portable Echo machines
  • £54,000 - Transoesophageal Ultrasound System for Cardiac Theatres and in ITU
  • £70,000 - Workstation to enable Cardiac MRI scanning
  • £13,000 - Cardiac Surgery Mediastinoscope (for staging lung tumour spread)
  • £28,000 - 4 ARJOs – for moving and rehab of severely disabled patients
  • £26,000 - Research into aortic root aneurysms after valve surgery
  • £24,000 - To start renal artery denervation (hypertension treatment)
  • £20,000 - To pilot new stentless aortic valve surgery (now a major Research Project)

Total -£1,827,500 and more over the past few years to help keep Our World Class Unit:
at the leading edge of care For our heart patients,
on top of what could have been provided by NHS funding



Registered Charity 1051565

Dedicated to helping Heart Patients through supporting our excellent regional cardiothoracic unit at the The JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL in Middlesbrough.

Treating heart patients from Stockton, Hartlepool, Darlington, Durham, Sunderland, across to Carlisle and Whitehaven, down to Ripon, Thirsk, Northallerton, Whitby, Scarborough, and all points in between.

We do make a difference to OUR heart patients
and their families


‘We’ve done it!’ South Cleveland Heart Fund reaches £1m target

The South Cleveland Heart Fund has reached its £1m target for the upgrade of a MRI scanner, thanks to generous donations from the public.

The £1m milestone was reached within 18 months, after a number of kind-hearted people rallied together to raise vital funds for the cause - with events ranging from race nights to a Bollywood extravaganza!

The scanner upgrade will enable cardiac consultants to carry out state of the art scanning and a full Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) Imaging service, supporting the James Cook University Hospital’s existing status as a regional cardiothoracic centre at the leading edge of heart care advances.


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